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Vissicitude - Inception

Title: Vissicitude - Inception
Medium(s) used :companion, carousel
Pairing: Mino x Seunghoon
Length: 4568 words
Rating: R
Warning: Canon, suggestive
Summary: They are together, but they are not together



He would always be center of attention for many reasons. Gorgeous, friendly, caring, humorous, and not to mention he is a body full of talents. People would come and get attached because there were various things he could do that would fascinate them. Some would come for his glory, some for his physical traits, and some would actually get drawn for his personality. Whichever reasons, Song Mino is intoxicating. And Seunghoon did not bother to try to find out whatever it is that made him marvelled at Mino. Why bothered when the man is clearly everyone's interest.

Everything about him is attractive. Manly. Sexy.

They said that beauty and sexiness is more of what inside of a person rather than outer appearance. True to their words. Because if Seunghoon had to list Mino's inner charms, along with his physical charm, Mino surely would be oozing with all his glorious gorgeousness and sexiness. Addicting. Intoxicating. How could people not love him anyway?

As if confirming his train of thought, people gathered around Mino in no time the moment he stepped into the club. All looking, talking, flirting with interest, and always with sort of fascination. Even people with higher status and experience still looked at him like he is some sort of marvelous object. He is like a God to his inferiors, a Gold to his superiors.

Seunghoon, alone in the bar, took a sip of his basic lime and soda. He would like to be a little adventurous and made an order for some mild cocktail, but he would rather not risk it. Had he been a commoner, perhaps he would not put any thoughts about it. But he had image and status to maintain at the moment. One drop of alcohol, and who could make sure he would not run straight into Mino to unleash all his undisclosed desire. Lowkey the reason why Seunghoon decided not to drop to the main floor, because he would go dancing, and dancing in his vocabulary is a form of emotion.

His thoughts interrupted by a sudden presence beside him. "What are you doing here all alone? Let's hit the dance floor."

Seunghoon chuckled at the invitation. "No, thanks. I'm not feeling hot tonight."

Mino raised one of his eyebrow at him. Just a simple action but it looked so damn hot when he did it. "Do you need some...allurement?"

As if his simple action earlier was not alluring enough, his rather suggestive remark left Seunghoon flustered. Luckily, the sudden blast of music distracting them before he did or said something embarrassing.

"The DJ's playing. Shouldn't you be there?"

"Why should I be there?"

Seunghoon shifted his gaze towards the crowd before turned to Mino. "A lot of people expecting you."

"A lot is not all."

"No, but I'm sure most people present in this club are expecting Song Mino."

"Well, still, most people means there are few who don't care about my existence."

Seunghoon laughed at this. "That's too much. Few people may not that eager to see you, but to say they don't care about your existence? Hmm, I don't think so."

Sound of music was getting more intense. Various chants could be heard sporadically from people expected to see some hot name to drop an impromptu performance for the night. Not surprisingly, one of the loudest name is Song Mino.

"Talk about fabulous, come dance to my song, Mr. Fabulous." He still insisted.

Seunghoon stirred his club soda and slowly shook his head before turned to Mino with a smile. "I'll be watching from here with my trustworthy company," he raised his glass, "go set the room on fire, Hugeboy."

The chants for Song Mino was getting louder, and Mino finally decided to go for the stage. But not before he gave Seunghoon one last look. How Seunghoon wished he were drunk for real because he was sure Mino's eyes trained on his thigh and moved upwards to focus on his lips for several seconds. A few seconds that felt like eternity.

Seunghoon's body moved along swiftly with the rhythm. He enjoyed Mino performance from the corner, the place with the best view to study the environment around. Mino literally lit up the fire with his his performance and Seunghoon pondered how he survived from this allurement all this time. People who barely saw him got all turned up by his mere voice and presence, but Seunghoon basically with him every fucking time. So it's either he is a man with an absolute self restrain or he is just the biggest loser for never took his chance being presented in a silver platter.

What Seunghoon failed to recognize was the fact that Mino actually kept an eye to the slender figure sat in the bar at the corner of the room from his peripheral vision.

"Won't you have a taste of this beer?" Again, his train of thought were interrupted by the same person who had been lingering on his mind for quiet some times.

"You know I don't drink."

"This one is very expensive, and quite rare too. You should at least have a taste of this classy drink." Mino raised his glass close to Seunghoon's lips. His body casually leaned in to Seunghoon.

"The drink might be classy, but what I am going to do later after being contaminated is not." He answered casually. Or at least he sounded casually.

"You didn't listen to what I said earlier." Mino paused to take a sip of his drink. His lips glistened with moisture and a single drop of liquid dripped down from the corner if his lips. "I said have a taste, not have drink."

Seunghoon swore he did not order a tiniest bit of alcoholic beverages, but it seemed like his mind playing with him. With their body literally touching each other and the husky voice Mino just whispered, it felt so hard to keep his composure. And the glistening lips definitely did not help.

A big warm hand glided to his nape and the next thing he knew is a taste of toffee and anise flavoured beer, mixed with a hint of cigarette and something sweet. And the scent lingered around him is a mixture of sage, hyacinth, and cider, blended with amber and musk, and smell of cigarette. And there is the distinctive scent coming not from the perfume nor the cigarette. A scent Seunghoon was sure belongs to Mino. The distinct scent made him feeling addicted and intoxicated. He was not sure how long the kiss lasted but when Mino's face back in the view, he was left breathless and agape.

"Tasted good, isn't it?" Mino slowly licked his lips and nonchalantly nibbled on his lower lip, as if tasting the flavour.

Seunghoon opened her mouth to answer but abruptly closed it. They opened again but still nothing came out. The third time he tried to answer he was met again with a pair of lips over his. He did not really remember the details of what happened afterward. Vaguely he remembered being dragged from his chair and being shoved to the wall. He could barely register where they were heading next but he remembered stumbling out from the blasting music and crowd, still with limbs and lips tangled to each other. Or how they got into car, whoever car was that, and things got even more heated between them. He did not give a damn who drove them back to their flat, or hotel, or whoever house it was. All he remembered was they came out from car all disheveled, still desperately tangled, and clumsily moving in to their quarter.

It could be on the bed, or sofa, or countertop, or simply on the floor. But Seunghoon vividly remembered the touch of skin on skin, lips traced every inches they could find, hands explored every details eager to find out more about each other. The thing he remembered the most was how pleasurable, satisfying, and how fulfilling it was to finally got what he always crave. Never again he spent those long nights wondering how would it feel to hold and to be held by the gorgeous man beside him.

It was the first of their countless encounters. Both Mino and Seunghoon are a fine gentlemen and distinctly gorgeous. It was just natural if they easily attracted to each other, seeking for enjoyment and pleasure, an escapade from their tough routine. Sometimes they had it at appropriate times, during their resting time or days off. But then as the time being, they often had their sexual indulgences at the most inappropriate time. Stealing time during recordings or studio sessions. Or in the middle of practice short break. Even during the preparation of important group meeting, when the others were already gathered, and both of them were shuffling in the rest room too busy to have their own affair done.

And they realised.

That it was all pleasurable, adventurous, rebellious.


They became too addicted to each other. Madly. Blindly.

Too blind to uncover another layer of their addiction.



The group routine had became a hassle, then suddenly it was nothing. Individuals routine arose in replacement. But then again, most is not all. Most had their new endeavour, but there was individual left because the inability to endure further activities.

The others had various opportunities coming for them. To be honest, Seunghoon felt a little envious with them. But he knew his priority at the moment was full recovery. And to be frankly honest, the whole ordeal annoyed him so much because it affected his self indulgence. Mino became a bit wary and clearly stated they needed to at least limit their affair until he got better. And the better he is the better their sex would be.

The calm routine gave him more chance to think clearly about his surroundings. He started to visit his old friends, had long conversation, and exchanged recent interest. He started to indulge himself in old habits, shopping, producing, and eating. He paid more attention to his mates' needs and interest. And the most pleasure he got during his recovery is definitely the new puppy he got from one of his friend.

It felt nice to cuddle with puppy. Seunghoon always liked it. The routine of having a warm body around his sleeping and waking time made him appreciate the puppy more, as he is warm and tender. The puppy for him is a kind of Mino's replacement. And he loved dogs too much, so he started to wonder if he started to see Mino the same way with dogs.

"I'm a bit jealous with Haute."

"Because he get to get close with me every night?"

"Almost every night."

"Soon to be every night. I doubt you will have enough energy when the audition program starts."

"Fuck that program. I doubt if I really need it or if the group really need it." Mino started kissing the side of Seunghoon's neck, earned him a delightful moan from Seunghoon.

"No, you need it. You can channelling your inner kid dreams of becoming a rapper." He answered rather breathlessly.

"I am a rapper."

"You know what I mean, Hugeboy."

And true to his words, as soon as the program began they barely had times to spend together. The schedule of the show made Mino extra busy and every time he dropped by to see Seunghoon they always done it hastily. Mino had too little time and too much things to do, and Seunghoon knew he needed rest as much as he could get.

Seunghoon genuinely excited for Mino, but when the pressure and public scrutiny became too ridiculous he took back all his thought about the program and wished Mino never joined. They are all more or less adept to filtering public perception, but the massive hates Mino received from one segment were unbelievable. They were not the one having dispute but always ended up in angry sex. And not just the sex that changed, the Song Mino he initially thought he knew was slowly turned into a darker shade.

It was weekend, and just like previous weekends, the other were busy. Just like previous weekends too Seunghoon spent his time tidied up their place and made sure the others got trivial things they mentioned they wanted to have. He particularly planned that day to look out for something special. He strolled around the city looking for something interesting, until his step brought him to the display window of a pet shop. A pretty orange fluffball looked back at him with her big brown eyes. Seunghoon is more of a dog person, but this pretty creature made him fall in love at the first sight. She reminded him to Mino somehow, a pretty creature with bright eyes.

He decided to get the Ragdoll breed and brought her along to studio where Mino should be in for practice and recording. He could not help but think, how easily people were drawn into Song Mino, that even one word from his mouth could be twisted into such an extravagant stories. Indeed God and Gold he is, the superior used him and the inferior looked up to him. He found him in one of the studio looking tired and a bit drowsy, in the middle of a serious discussion. But when he saw Seunghoon, he abruptly stood and dragged him to another room, and started to kiss him hastily.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" He asked in between the messy kisses.

"I come to see you."

"Fuck! This is not the right time!" He growled and shoved Seunghoon to the wall, before starting to mess with his clothes.

"What are you talking about? What are you doing? I just drop by to see you and give you a few things, not to keep you long!"


Seunghoon grabbed Mino's shoulder and keep him at arm's length. "You think I drop by for sex? Look, I got you something before coming here. I come by to drop some refreshment for you."


Seunghoon let go of Mino's shoulder and fixed his disheveled attire. "I still have another present for you. But I guess it's better for you to see it after you get back. It's going to be in your room when you're back later."

He organised the package he brought for Mino and gathered his belongings before walked out of the room.

"Look, I didn't mean to..."

"Mino-yah." He said to him while looking back at Mino. "You really need to catch some sleep. You're looking so bad. Seriously."

Mino looked at him for a moment before answering. "I'll try."

"See you later."

He put the cat in Mino's room once he arrived, and with the cat, he too occupied the room that was not belongs to him. He was in the middle of sketching when he heard a faint sound of door being opened. Only a second needed for him to recognize whose footsteps it belongs to. True to his initial expectation, the person opened the door belongs to his room first, instead his own room. When the sound of a door being closed was heard, Seunghoon knew Mino would came to view in no time.

Mino opened his rooms and stood in the doorway for a moment.

"Look, we need to talk about the earlier..." A meowing voice interrupted him and he looked at the cat, before directed his gaze at Seunghoon, and back again to the cat.

"Kitty, meet your daddy."

Mino lifted the furball to cuddle her and sat beside Seunghoon. "Is this the present you mentioned earlier?"

"Yes. I got a puppy when I was lonely and it helped. I hope at this tougher time this too might help you."

"Thank you very much for your care. This means a lot."

"No worries. That's what a friend for, isn't it?"

Mino looked uneasy. "Listen, about earlier..."

"There's nothing to talk about it, Mino. You're tired. And agitated. That's all. And I guessed I walked in at a very wrong time and disturbed your matter."

"No, you didn't disturb me at all. And we have to talk about it. I have to. Because it was very inappropriate of me."

Seunghoon did not want to talk about it, but at the same time he felt like talking about it. The thing about drawing a clear line is you would eventually lose the freedom. And at the moment, Seunghoon enjoyed the freedom he had with Mino without giving much thought about it.

"I don't think it's appropriate to talk about inappropriate after all we've been through."

"Still, I shouldn't do and say those things to you. I mean...we're're not..." Mino shook his head, unable to voice out what had been on his mind all day long.

"Mino-yah, I know what you feel at this moment. Even though the outcome won't affect your career path as you're already maintaining status, but the pressures still present and public opinions is not something we can ignore easily, and it even play a part in public figure career longevity. I know now is a very tough time for you and I want you to think only about yourself and no other. And please know that I'm here trying to give some support even if it's just a little, because first and foremost, we are friend."

His last words was a wake-up-call for them both, and it touched Mino, along with the precious gift. "You're just too kind. The way I treated you earlier was an absolute disgrace and I feel like the biggest obnoxious person for treating a precious friend like that all the time."

"We really need to talk this out huh? Let's admit it, Mino. We're fuck buddies. But before that, we're a teammate, a comrade. I've been through programs alone and together with you so I know how it feels, and I understand how you feel. And it's not like you put a gun against my head for sex. It's something we're both enjoying a little bit too much that sometimes we forget we're far from stranger. We're not even just a simple co-worker. We survived together. First thing I want to do seeing you tired and suffered is to give you a hug and protect you. You'd do the same for me."

"You're right. We often act by impulse are we? Too indulged in our pleasure we sometimes forget how we used to shed blood, sweat, and tears together." They laughed together at this. "And I'm still insisting to offer you my humblest apology for giving a demeaning suggestion earlier. And just to make it clear, for me you're not just a bed warmer."

"Apologies accepted." He joined Mino patting the cat's head, making her purred in delight. "And I have to tell you I become so accustomed in having a warm body close to me when I wake up, so it's a delight to have Haute around."

"Oh, so you just trade me with a dog. How sweet."

"Well, I give you a cuddle buddy so you're prohibited from complaining."

Seunghoon spending night on Mino's bed was not something unexpected. The different that night was they had a furball between them and the most skin-ship they had was hand on hand. It was not a heated night, but they still had as much pleasure from the comfort of a caring friend they got from each other.



Things were not exactly the same after the night they spent with the cat between them. Seunghoon never stayed at Mino’s room overnight and vice versa. They almost never caught in the heated moment between them. The closest thing happened was a make out session in the living room right after Mino came back from pouring his heart out in the performance and nobody but Seunghoon was home. Nothing happened afterwards and both of them just decided to call that day off and bid a good night to each other before retreated to their respective room.

Another change came from their routine. Before, they only saw each other in a haste of daylights or in the hours of darkness. They spent good minutes being with each other and retreated to their own world after they were done. Other things were habitual. An established routine within their daily life like eating out, shopping, or hang out with their circle of friends. But never they deliberately took time to do things together. When they ended up in same activity or same circle, it usually just fluke, never intentional.

During his tight schedules, Mino would sometime call Seunghoon out for a lunch. Sometime he would ask Seunghoon to hang out with him. Other times they would just spend free times at their place because Seunghoon wanted to take care the pets. Their times together mostly consisted of them talking, looking into each other hobbies, or petting their babies. Not that they were not close with each other before, but they just assumed they had been through a lot and knew about each other just enough. So it became quite a surprise for them to see something they never thought would be associated with the respective party.

“I don’t know you have this much talent in drawing.”

Seunghoon laughed at this. “It’s not even a solid drawing. Just messy sketches.”

“And apparently you’re so called messy sketches are going to manifest into something glorious.”

“It’s called producing. You can take anything and turn it into any form you warm. No limit.”

“And talk about limit let’s do some grocery shopping tomorrow. Our food stock is limited at this moment.”

“Food is the only thing you remember, don’t you?” Seunghoon playfully threw the sketchbook towards Mino.

“Nah, we could go straight to cook dinner. The others won’t be here during dinner time. Let’s have dinner here.”

“What is this? A dating proposal?”

Mino laughed and drew a lion with a curly hair in the sketchbook. “Trying wouldn’t hurt.” He winked at Seunghoon.

“Maybe we should waltz in the kitchen too to make it a legitimate date and turn on candles for dinner. What then?”


“After cooking and dinner. What’s next? Straight to bedroom?”

They looked into each other eyes, both with unidentifiable sparks on their eyes. Again, something new. It was an impulsive action before, they never asked nor compromised. They had no idea of how to have it from scratch. Besides, it had been sometimes since they last spent time to be physically together.

“I guess that will happen eventually. There are possibilities open for exploration and I won’t mind some adventure. Don’t you agree?”

“Sure. It wouldn’t hurt trying.”

Off they left for grocery shopping the next day. Dressed in casual attire they walked leisurely to the supermarket. They did not rush and took their time as the left. Strolling in the river bank, they walked through the park en route to Supermarket. The weather was nice and some of the trees bloomed, making their surrounding looked beautiful. Mino picked a dandelion and playfully blew it toward Seunghoon, who were putting his hand to cover his face to his defense. Mino tugged at his other wrist and tried to blew another dandelion, all the while running with Seunghoon who was squealing like a a child while trying to flinch away. They spent good minutes playing around chasing into each other and decided to take a break in side by side swings.

“We haven’t even start anything and you’re already making me tired.”

“Oh, that was tiring for you? Here I thought you spent free times working out?” And again they were out for a chase towards each other.

They finally reached their destination and started to walk around. Looking at various kind of foodstuff, both had not even decided what to cook so they picked things randomly based on each other suggestion. Even some silly ones like the unbelievable amount of beet roots and carrot.

"Why do we need to buy this much carrots." Seunghoon asked between laughter looking down to their groceries.

"It's good for eyes." Joining the laughter, Mino answered him and winked his eyes to make a point. "Besides, maybe by eating up a massive amount of carrots can make you wink properly and successfully."

"Song Mino how dare you!"

Again, they were both out for a chase. Teasing and laughter ringing in each step they took. Even when they started to lose their breath, they were still trying to catch on each other in glee. Perhaps it was part of manifestation of sparj of foreign emotion they eventually sensed. The sweet, endearing, ravishing feeling tingled their soul when they were on each other company, enjoying a real togetherness, more than just bodies being connected.

They were walking side by side, slightly out of breath, when suddenly droplets of water fell from the sky. "Mino let's go! I don't want to get wet and the groceries will be ruined too." Seunghoon grabbed at Mino's wrist and pulled him to run with him.

"We're just running halfway, let me catch my breath! It's just a drizzle. We won't be that wet. Besides, you're wearing jacket, you'll still be drier than me."

Seunghoon took a good look to Mino, and just noticed he only wore a shirt. "Why didn't you wear your jacket? It might be warm but the forecast said there's a probability for raining."

"Ah, I thought we wouldn't take this much time for grocery shopping. Turns out we're having too much of a good time during our little trip."

Seunghoon laughed and took off his jacket to drape ot over their head. They paced to their place, each with grocery bag on their hands while their free hands clutched on to Seunghoon's jacket to protect their head. When they finally crashed their living room they were too tired already to cook, so they decided to have something simple for dinner.

"This is not even a proper dinner. Cheese platter is for appetizer!"

"I know I know. But I don't have much energy left for cooking."

"Where's the candle and flowers anyway? Cheese platter, red wine, candle, and flowers. Fancy presentation to woo someone."

"Well, are you?"

Mino shook his head and gave a small laughed. "Whatever it is, we should do this kind of thing more often. It was fun."

"And I'm still having fun right now I guess. You're right, let's do this more often. What is this anyway? A date?"

"We still need a candle to make it a perfect date. Oh, we can lit up one of Taehyun's collection!"

"Mino do you want to get roasted?"

Together they laughed at their cheesy and silly antics. "And wine too. How could this be a perfect date without a taste of wine, hmm?"

"Too bad, I can't really have alcohol inside my constitution."

"You're not listening again, are you? You don't have to drink, just taste it."

Gazing at each other's eyes for a long time, not moving any lower to lips, neck, or thighs. At the moment, they only had it right in the eye.

"Then...would please let me have a little taste of it?"

Seunghoon slowly advanced his body towards Mino, hands grasped onto the others firmly. An impetus of recollection, invitation, and appreciation, for the forgotten memories and creation of new moments.

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